This is Only the Beginning for Victims of ITC Facility Fire

I woke up this morning to see another article about the tragic fire that has ravaged part of the ITC plant in Deer Park, Texas. This story has been of particular interest to me since I grew up in Deer Park. I feel like I know every square inch of that tiny town with all the running, soccer, driving, playing, and more running (I ran cross country—we were like Forest Gump, but we stayed within the borders of BW8, SH 225, East Blvd., and Spencer Hwy.)

Since this fire started on Sunday, March 17, 2019 several things have happened: 1. The heroic first responders attempted to control the blaze; 2. The decision was made to let the fire burn out on its own; 3. People have been sheltered in place for hours on end; 4. Schools were closed; 5. The fire went out—then reignited; 6. Benzene has been released into the air and local environment; 7. The ITC fire was named one of the 6 worse fires in Houston’s history; and 8. ITC opens compensation claims. Who knows what comes next?

 My prayer is that no one has been seriously injured as a result of this fire, and that no one will experience any lasting effects from the Benzene released. If you know someone that is having issues, do not let them fill out the ITC compensation form without first speaking with a lawyer. 

We are here to help.

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