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UIM Coverage is a RIP OFF

So many people believe this headline. I remember when I was buying car insurance for the first time and being encouraged to just get the minimum liability coverage because “everyone has to have insurance.” The logical conclusion being that UIM is extra coverage that you’ll never need—basically a money suck for the insurance companies.

That all sounds well and good, until you end up unconscious in your overturned car at the bottom of a ditch—exactly where one of our clients found herself. The person that put her in that ditch ran a stop sign (one way stop) at full speed and T-Boned my client. When she came to, the person that hit her had driven off and escaped never to be identified. After the ambulance ride, ER visit, and follow-up physical therapy, my client was staring at over $30k in medical bills. Fortunately for her, she had paid the extra $20 a month for UIM coverage.

As a quick refresher, and if you don’t recall from our earlier article “There is No Such Thing as ‘Full Coverage’,” UIM (Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist) coverage helps protect you from drivers that do not have insurance, or not enough insurance to cover damages you sustain after they hurt you (or your vehicle) and it’s their fault. In Texas this is required coverage, BUT you can waive the coverage by signing a document rejecting UIM coverage.

Having UIM coverage protected my client by getting her car paid for and her medical bills resolved. Without UIM, she would have been without a car and struggling to keep the bill collectors at bay. When it comes to UIM coverage, I think NIKE says it best, “Just Do It.”

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